Those familiar with Google play know we are in the age of intelligent cards acting as our guiding bots. The cards are everywhere these days; from notifications panels to app feeds and even wearables’ timelines.

address Servup a startup specializing in digital service delivery for telecoms does a similar thing by taking the card metaphor to telecom services for engaging customers. All interactions between an operator and its customers can take place in the form of interactive card feeds allowing customers to stay in control and comfortably engage with their operators. As user experience design begins to dominate the web, operators are learning the weakest link in their value chain maybe the archaic approach with which they reach out to their customers. Imagine in the age of Google Now, telcos sending an offer to engage with customer over SMS or email based on data collected over the past week..

here are the findings To be fair, telcos have had a lot to deal with than just engagement over the past few years. Majority of the Capex over the past decade went into modernizing networks. A small percentage of the spend went into Service delivery platforms, Real time charging and some basic BSS modernization mainly to keep up with the network modernization rather than customer demand. In the same time period, customers were literally trained on facebook to use feed based information. The trend has turned on its head and telecom companies are rushing to improve their customer engagement platforms.

93% Consumers who say they would spend more money with their telecom operator if customer interaction channels were consistent, simple to use and more personalized


strattera no prescription Consumers who believe the interaction process with their operator is too complex interactive service cards are a godsend when it comes to engaging customers online. Here are a few scenarios where these cards become useful.

  • registering to a loyalty program or an event
  • signing up for a scholarship program or a grant requiring credential verifications
  • subscribing or unsubscribing to a new service or simply a free trial
  • buying items from operators’ partners and paying through either the account or credit card
  • paying tuition fees and using partner promotions to discount services Easy to create, and easy to use, the service card is the minimalistic approach for reaching out to customers and getting their attention by inspiring them to take action..expect them to be everywhere in the next 18 months.

طريقة شراء اسهم بشركات اجنبية مضمون ربحها Servup works to provide analytics and distribution technology for service cards using lightweight integration and standardization that helps operators take a leap into digital distribution.