At the MWC each year, you can walk away assessing what the big plays will be four years from now. This year’s list goes like this:

  • NFV/SDN and digital service provider ambition.
  • IoT and coming of age of big data.
  • 5G and Smart cities. For all of these to happen, get ready to go digital now to position for a more scalable transformation later. The ‘how’ on going digital is more than a change of hardware and software. It’s an entire mindset change; a mindset of doing business with less, and winning customer trust from scratch and keeping it at all costs. Some of this stuff is scary for Telecom Operators. It’s a mindset they never subscribed to. Some suggest they never will. So never mind the mindset change, what three distinct actions must telcos kick into motion for a truely impactful digital transformation? Here’s the proverbial low hanging fruit: 1. Start with the digitalization of the ordering process.

الخيارات الثنائية البرمجيات التجارية احتيال 2. And to start that off, try giving control of the customer data to the customerكيف-اشتري-اسهم-في-الامارات 3. And to top both of these off, pick the two processes in your customer journey that can be moved to digital from your call center and go for it. Read about Mckinsey and Accenture recommendations that point to this theory here but please come back as I make an important point two minutes from now. So how will doing this be even in the same league as going for the Avant-garde digital network swap, or virtualization or even network edge BI? تدول فوركس Well to be honest, it does seem like an over-simplification of what seems to be a significantly more complicated problem.

click But the fact remains that before embarking on a grand digital revamp of your OSS/BSS, you must establish yourself as a contender in the world of digital business your customers are used to living in. And it ain’t the self care portal you got over there either!!!!

كسب المال من المنزل في أستراليا Let me explain: As we move to virtualization, as we move to more software defined networks, we are making it easier for our networks to support real time engagement with our customers. This is great. But this is still off in the future. We need to start the engagement now. We need to not wait for this to be incremental…that takes years. The time to engage customers digitally is right now. To start, our goal should be to create a relationship with customers that is digital. This is because customers overwhelmingly want it to be this way. Not because Omni channel experience is on our mind, but because the customer has spoken and we must oblige. So if we can somehow create a platform- both process and tools that allow our customers to first produce and then control their data and also engage with us at will, then we got a digital start that will make returns on our network investments in 5G/NFV triple fold.

المتاجرة بالذهب فى السوق الحقيقى للأستاذ طاهر المصرى And what will our customers do with their data? If we could somehow leverage the relationship that we’ve built with them, allow them to order stuff from us and our partners online, it would give them a place to confidently do business with us.

follow link European customers have lost trust with their telecom operators but are still three times more likely to trust their CSPs than Google, Apple or Facebook.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات بلوق And once our customers do business with us through our digital channels, our local reach, our billing relationships and our newly found simpler digital engagement is likely to bring us financial rewards in terms of reduced care and maintenance costs. This is an auspicious cycle of gargantuan proportions. From here, we can start moving to a more nimble digital core, easing the effort and improving the quality of our digital relationships.

As a parting note, I have covered all three low hanging fruits recommended by the big boys here. If you would like to see how Servup ( solves them creatively, give a shout out to us by scheduling a demo.

Happy engaging…digitally of course.